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  1. Reviews 3

    BO’s tarot is hands down the best tarot reader i have seen, her readings are so accurate, she is so good, she is very skilled🙌🏻🙌🏻✨

  2. Reviews 4
    Twinkle Twinkle

    Got a number of readings with Bo. She is amazing! She always give accuarte messages. On point, clear and no sugar coating of course, just facts. She will let you know what you need to know, not what you want to hear. I love her energy too! Very positive and generous to her subscriber s.

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40 thoughts on “Reviews”

  1. Reviews 5

    BO was so exact in her every readings to me. She even knows what’s going on to my current situations in life (without telling her) and very accurate in every details she has given to me.

    I really recommend her to everyone. She could help alot.

    I wish her more power…

  2. Reviews 7

    BO is such an amazing reader ! She really is !
    She helped me getting so much clarity in different situations,her readings are super accurate, besides that she gives a really good advice
    I recommend her for everyone who’s looking for authenticity
    Thank you so much BO !

  3. Reviews 8

    💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞BO is such a lovely person with a big open heart and a lot of passion and intuitive for her tarot cards. I enjoy her readings very much. She sees a lot in her cards. Visit her and get a read from her, you won’t regret it.

  4. Reviews 9

    Bo is very amazing and she has very special gifts she told me something from a live reading a couple weeks ago and I got a instant result from what she told me.

    1. Reviews 9

      Bo has very strong gifts and she can see more than what some readers that I consult can see within their cards and is very much accurate also. Bo will tell you what she sees and how everything will come together detail by detail she will not leave you hanging she’s very outgoing and very intuitive and will listen to your situation when life gives you lemons and you don’t know which direction to turn to please check out Bo Channel on YouTube you won’t regret it

  5. Reviews 11
    Ashley Jackson

    I am so glad that I discovered a Bo’s channel. Yesterday she gave me a reading about my next relationship. And so far out of two readers that I have consulted about this has been accurate. I really resonate with the readings that she provides. I highly recommend Bo for anyone that’s looking for a reader that they can really resonate with and thank you so much for the reading.

  6. Reviews 12

    For me you were accurate once again BO!!! Yesterday I asked you if the Libra will call me again you said me yes and so he did!!!! I love you BO you are amazing and so accurate 🙌🙌💕💕💕😘😘😘🙌

    1. Reviews 13

      Bo readings are soo accurate. She gave me one a week ago about a certain situation and I was very pessimistic within a week later it happened just as she seen it! Thank you Bo 💕🥰

  7. Reviews 14

    VERY GOOD TAROT READER!!!!! Very accurate! Everything that she said really happened. She listens to you, she understands your situation and she will give you COMFORT and SUPPORT on whatever situation you are into. She is blunt in a nice manner and she will tell you what you NEED to hear and NOT what you WANT to. She is very dedicated and she has a BIG HEART to really help you in the situation that you are in. I have encountered different tarot readers in my life and SHE IS THE BEST ! I love you Bo! Thank You for your help . Blessings to you….

  8. Reviews 15

    BO is a very accurate reader her intuition is very on point and does readings out of the kindness of her heart ❤️ thank you so much BO for the clarity you’ve given me it’s allowed me to find peace

  9. Reviews 17

    I have been watching Bo quietly for a while now on her LIVE Chats but decided to have a reading. She was remarkably accurate. Thank you will keep you updated.

  10. Reviews 18

    Evening star here~
    She gave me an awesome card reading, very understanding and very kind.
    awesome energy around her, very recommended and respectful.

  11. Reviews 19

    Bo is a compassionate, honest and lovely reader. She has a very special way with cards. Even on free live readings, she takes multiple cards and gives coherent answers.
    Thank you so much for being so generous ❤️

  12. Reviews 21

    No sugarcoating, a very honest and gifted reader who will tell you not what you want to hear, but what you really need to hear. I think that is what people need from a real Tarot reader. Thank you very much for your inspiring and amazing readings. 🌞🌹

  13. Reviews 22

    Thank you so much for the reading Bo !! As soon as it happens I will be back, I know everything you said was true because you hit every mark! Can’t wait to leave my next review & thank you again !

  14. Reviews 14

    ON POINT!!!! AS ALWAYS! Boo predicted my Reconcilliation with my BF 1st and then my Job next about the referral🙌🏼. She is accurate and such a talent. I cant wait for my next review! She is worthy of praise wow!

  15. Reviews 25

    I had few readings with BO. She is amazing always on point.In my first reading, i was speechless,she told me everything true.i highly highly recommend her. LOve and Light.

  16. Reviews 26

    First of all I just want to say that Bo is really heart warming❤ with her readings and very very compassionate as in she won’t leave your reading unattended ever, instead she would insist and make sure you get and understand all what she said and why she said it. She have told me few things and they have came to light to me! I love you Bo! GOD BLESS ALWAYS

  17. Reviews 28

    I just a reading with BO, she was really accurate and gave me insight on what I need to do inorder to heal from the past! Thank you so much 💕

  18. Reviews 29

    Idk if I’m leaving the review in a wrong place but all Ik is your readings are suuuuuuuuuuuper accurate. Thank you very much .

  19. Reviews 31

    Bo does very accurate and detailed readings for all her clients. She always shows the right path and positivity. She is just amazing.

  20. Reviews 32

    I do appreciate Bo’s channel and her moderators a lot , very sweet and helpful. All I can say is that I’m so grateful that I came across her channel. She is truly gifted and mentionned things that was so accurate without me even saying anything else apart from my question. I do recommend her. She is the best! Love you Bo and thank you sm !❤

  21. Reviews 33

    OMG! OMG! OMG! I don’t know where to start by praising this Beautiful, Gifted, Accurate, Soul. Let me just say I was blown away by my reading I receive today by “Bo“, she is patient, professional, nice, with a warm Spirit. She was able to answer all of my questions with an accurate answer. Don’t hesitate to use her on your next reading! Cheers🥂

  22. Reviews 33

    What an Amazing Gifted Reader “BO” Is! I am on my second reading with her, I am just sooooo speechless, not only did she answer my questions accurate, she also told me new info that I didn’t even ask her about…please don’t hesitate to use this “Gifted Soul” for your next reading! I can’t wait until my 3rd reading from “BO” Cheers🥂

  23. Reviews 36

    I absolutely love and admire Bo💓She is an amazing tarot reader and as a person. I do appreciate all the efforts she puts in every readings she did for me. She really gives helpful insights and useful advice about your particular situation and will take time to explain to you what she sees in the cards. I do recommend her to everyone out there looking for a genuine and compassionate reader. For me Bo’s channel has been life changing! I do appreciate you a lot Bo and is honestly grateful to have come across your channel thanks to a friend of mine. The mods as well are amazing and friendly. Thanks to Vrushali , Xara , Td and vicki to entertain us and making us laugh during the streams.😂💓
    One of your predictions already came true and I’m now looking forward for the others bc I know it will!Thank you again for everything Bo💓😘

  24. Reviews 38
    Violet Annine

    Wow!!! Her reading was literally spot on. She knew the details and the situation at hand. She’s also very sweet!!! Thanks love!!!

  25. Reviews 36

    OMG!! As you predicted since the past 3 weeks when i asked about a general reading and what’s coming towards me for the rest of 2020. BO said a past person who is very passionate about me is wanting to come towards me with some type of offer , maybe an apology even. For almost the whole week while reading for me , she sense that from my energy and no joke!!! Yesterday out of the blue someone from my past did contacted me with an apology!! I am in awe of you Bo wowwww!! 😲You are the best!! You are definitely an incredible and accurate reader ! It is the second predictions of yours that came true! I am so grateful that I met you and came across your channel.💕💫 Without any doubt , Bo is genuinely accurate in what she says , advices and predicts!! If there is anyone out there looking out for guidance and advices , i would definitely recommend Bo💕 Love you Bo and God bless you🤗❤ Keep up the great work!

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